30 Day Video Game Challenge: First Video Game


So I thought I’d do this 30 day Video Game Challenge as something to fill in a bit of time each day (for at least a month), and get me in a habit of writing.

So up for day one is my first video game. Now this is a bit of a hard one as my memory is a bit foggy so it could be one of several games. It’s either Super Mario Bros 3, Lemmings, or Kung Fu, all for the NES. They’ll have all been within the same “my first gaming session” when my dad brought out his old NES and what few games he had for it. I’m thinking, given it was my dads favourite of the bunch, it was Super Mario Bros 3.

I pretty much sucked at it, in fact I sucked at pretty much all of those games. Main reason we ever even saw World 2 was due to my Dad, who had a habit of dying on purpose. “Duck!” we would cry as a flying turtle made it’s way to him. “Where?” he’d reply as he jumped right into it. We did rather enjoy the Versus level though, you get to it by both being on “Start” and starting the level.


We made all our own rules and such for that. And played about with the weird jumping glitches it included too.

Lemmings didn’t get too much of a heavy play from myself, I did do fairly well at Kung Fu. A memory that’ll stick with me forever is the laughing of the bosses.

Of course this is all moot if it’s not first video game played but first video game that is mine all mine, in which case that would be Pokemon Blue (which is the Pokemon game all the cool kids had).