Game Maker

So I grabbed the Game Maker Humble Bundle and have been following along with Tom Francis’ “Make a Game” tutorial series on Youtube. Here are my versions as I work through to final game, and hopefully I’ll be able to post other games I’m working on too. Usually my version are about two episodes between them.

So a couple of handy download links if anyone is following the above:

  • Game Maker – So this is a bit of a “well durr”.
  • Bfxr – use to create sounds, because there’s no built in creator.
  • Audacity – use to tweak your sounds, because there’s no built in editor.
  • Graphics Gale – There’s a built in sprite editor but it’s kinda limited so this is a bit alright.


Controls (V0.07 Onwards)

  • Move = WASD
  • Shoot = Mouse Left (when weapon equipped)
  • Change Weapon = Mouse Right
  • Main Menu = Esc



  • Shoot enemies to collect coolant; more coolant means faster guns!
  • Screen Shake & Explosions
  • Main Menu (Esc to enter)
  • On screen instructions
  • Tweaked level design to be less black and boxy and more narcissistic.


  • Minor level design (will tweak later)
  • Collisions (this was more important)
  • Other, more refined, collisions.
  • I also restructured a lot of stuff. Playable game is the same for you guys but it took a while and wasn’t part of the tutorial but I did it all by myself so I’m mentioning it.


  • New weapon type – Unstable Quantum Bubbles. Explode when shot!
  • Phasers deprecated
  • Minor tweaks and polish


  • New enemy type
  • Continuously respawning enemies: You no longer win
  • Equipable weapon
  • Slight sound tweaks
  • Space is smaller. You think the distance to the pharmacy is small, well 0.04 space is peanuts to that.


  • Graphical & audio overhaul of game
  • Game now runs at 60fps
  • Remade code that kills player
  • Player now respawns on death


  • Game now runs in full screen taking into account your monitor size.
  • Game can be quit using ‘Esc’ and restarted with ‘R’
  • Game now has a shiny tiling background (might need updating it’s kinda dark)
  • Game has enemy NPC to shoot (enemy will kill player on contact)


  • Game loads
  • Game has a PC
  • Player can shoot with right mouse

Controls (V0.01/0.02 – V0.06)

  • Move = WASD
  • Shoot = Mouse Left (when weapon equipped)
  • Change Weapon = Mouse Right
  • Exit = Esc
  • Reload Game = R

Recommended System Requirements
Operating System: Windows, Door, Walls
CPU: Cyberdyne Neural-Net
GPU: 3DFX Voodoo 3 or Greater
RAM:  Really hard
Memory: Memory is RAM!
Hard Drive: Solid State Drive

*So I’d messed up and exported as an installable, so probs worth skipping this one. Not much changed from the prior version apart from respawning and sound.