Game Completionist Week…5?

Yes I’ve been a bit lacking on this. But it is not my fault. Peer pressure made me do it! honest! So my main deviance has been that due to a fantastic Steam sale I picked up Borderlands  & DLC and in a roundabout manner I got STALKER too. Those didn’t really help in completing the original pile. Also I ended up going back to InFamous for an Evil run through. Which I may write a small about here. But I’m maybe gonna go a bit more in-depth in a post later on either here or PressXorDie.

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Game Completionist Week 2

So to continue on from Half Life 2 I’ve nabbed my housemates 360 (as I mentioned in my last post) and raided the house for a ton of PS3 and 360 games. I’m just gonna blast through a ton of games, get them complete and out the way. However for the most part I’m avoiding RPGs, take far too long. But I will work on them after I’ve done this pile of games.

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I Finished Half Life 2.

So on Monday morning I started playing Half Life 2. I’d bought the game back in ‘08 if memory serves as part of the Orange Box. I completed Portal fairly early on, and got comfortable with Team Fortress. But HL2 remained uncompleted. As you’re told early on ‘we don’t go to Ravenholm’. And I got there, and stopped. I’m no fan of survival horror, so the change between gunning down folks in streets, or running them over with a boat to shooting in the dark at howling ‘fast zombies’ was not a change I liked.

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