Short Thought on Reviews

So I’ve kinda noticed I’ve not really paid any attention to any reviews for a long time. I might go back to EG’s reviews, I stopped visiting a while ago to the whole site but I remember the reviews been okay.

But by n large I’ve not really read many reviews for the last year or so. Magazines are out the window as I’ve not bought a gaming mag for probably over 3 years now. Pretty much for any gaming reviews I’ve wanted in the past year I’ve hunted down someone I know who has the game n asked them about it. Without them been paid for it I can kinda trust them to give an honest opinion, and it’s a live ‘review’ so I can ask and get a response on certain aspects of a game. Destructoid have managed to make the whole review process a parody, Kotaku trashed their okay scoreless review system recently. Gametrailers are hit n miss, though the video review style I like (one day PXOD, one day). I don’t much care for discussing how review scores have all kinda gone a bit tits up lately (though I guess if you hit the metacritic options maybe you still agree with them)

Who do you read or take advice from? I just kinda want to know what other people are like (and post a poll)