Why The Human Race Won’t Leave the Solar System

AlphaCentauri Space. The final frontier. One the human race will most likely never voyage into.

Just been discussing the topic with Tom, my housemate, and thought I’d put my thoughts to paper on the almost insurmountable challenges we have facing us if the human race ever feels taken by a whim to expand an empire into the stars.

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I Finished Half Life 2.

So on Monday morning I started playing Half Life 2. I’d bought the game back in ‘08 if memory serves as part of the Orange Box. I completed Portal fairly early on, and got comfortable with Team Fortress. But HL2 remained uncompleted. As you’re told early on ‘we don’t go to Ravenholm’. And I got there, and stopped. I’m no fan of survival horror, so the change between gunning down folks in streets, or running them over with a boat to shooting in the dark at howling ‘fast zombies’ was not a change I liked.

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